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Articles & Publications

Deposits by the Numbers
Resource Recycling, February 2023

Tires: A successful waste diversion story

Waste & Recycling Magazine, June 2021

Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries: A Circular Economy Opportunity

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 112, February 2021

Deposit Data
Resource Recycling, January 2021

Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries: What Municipal Staff Need to Know
For R Information, Municipal Waste Association Newsletter, Summer 2020

In Our Opinion: Stay the Course Toward Reusable Packaging
Plastics Recycling Update, Resource Recycling, June 2020

The Electric Circle
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, Spring 2020

Dispatches from Europe: Trying to define 'single-use plastic'
Resource Recycling, March 2020

Drink up! Beverage container recycling update
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, Spring 2019

Dispatches from Europe: Packaging reuse in the spotlight
Resource Recycling, April 2019

Dispatches from Europe: A Step to Stem the Plastic Tide
Resource Recycling, October 2018

In Our Opinion: Why Deposits Make Sense for Retailers
Resource Recycling, September 2018

How Our Lifestyles are Changing Waste Management System Needs
Public Sector Digest, May 2018

How Demographics & Technology Explain the Evolving Tonne, Why Blue Box Materials are Changing, and What Technology has to Do About It
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, December 2016

EPR: The Cornerstone of a Circular Economy
OWMA Bi-Weekly Newsletter, May 2016

Looking Ahead: A Closer Look at Targets in Europe's Circular Economy Package
OWMA Bi-Weekly Newsletter, May 2016

The Evolving Tonne Explained 
Resource Recycling Magazine, May 2015

Beverage Container Recycling Update
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, August/September 2014

Waste Electronics Management in Canada 
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine, July 2014
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