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a bit about me:

Samantha Millette is an environmental consultant specializing in the areas of waste management research, policy, and planning. After earning her degree in Environmental and Resource Studies (Hons. B.A.) from Trent University, she established Millette Environmental, where she provides research and technical writing support to senior consultants at all stages of project development. Ms. Millette is an experienced researcher and writer, and has been involved in a number of projects focused on extended producer responsibility (EPR) and understanding the impact of various policies and programs on waste reduction and diversion. Her main responsibilities on consulting projects include gathering, recording, and analysis of relevant data, and writing technical studies and reports.


Ms. Millette was involved as a researcher in the City of Toronto Long Term Plan, the Trent Lakes Waste Management Plan, as well as the Calgary Recycling Trends Study, and currently serves as Research and Analysis coordinator for the Reloop Platform, an international non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the transition to a circular economy. Some of Ms. Millette’s other recent engagements have included studies on the impact of industry and lifestyle trends on residential recycling tonnages, as well as the impact of container deposit-systems on municipal budgets. 

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Millette Environmental provides environmental consulting services specializing in the waste and recycling sector. 

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