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a bit about me:

Samantha Millette is an environmental consultant with over 10 years of expertise in the field of waste management research, policy, and planning. Holding an Honours B.A. in Environmental and Resource Studies, she is the founder of Millette Environmental, a small consultancy focused on providing research, analysis, and technical writing support to a range of clients throughout all stages of project development. Sam is recognized for her extensive experience as a researcher and writer, particularly in the realm of extended producer responsibility and deposit return programs, and the evaluation of policies and programs influencing waste reduction and diversion. She specializes in gathering, recording, and analyzing pertinent data, as well as producing technical studies, reports, and policy briefings. 


A notable contribution to her portfolio is her role as the lead author of the Global Deposit Book, a well-known report on deposit return systems for beverage containers published by Reloop, an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing circular economy policies. Since 2016, Sam has been the driving force behind this biennial report, which provides a comprehensive overview of over 50 deposit systems in place worldwide. In addition to her leadership on the Global Deposit Book, Sam has played a key role in crafting numerous fact sheets exploring critical facets of deposit schemes, from handling fees to factors impacting system performance, and the economic impact of these systems on municipalities. 

In addition to her work on beverage container programs, Sam has actively contributed to projects encompassing broader EPR initiatives as well as studies exploring the end-of-life management of electric vehicle batteries. Notable examples include her involvement in a project for the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) assessing Newfoundland and Labrador's used tire program and a benchmarking study for Alberta Recycling which compared the recovery and cost performance of Alberta's stewardship programs for tires, electronics, paint, and oil with similar programs across Canada. 

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Millette Environmental provides environmental consulting services specializing in the waste and recycling sector. 

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